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Last updated: 14. June 2024


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Dominika is a tall, slim, and beautiful Czech masseuse with rich experience in the field of erotic massages. She offers a wide range of massages, from basic erotic to pussycat massage. Her goal is to satisfy the needs of every client and help them achieve complete relaxation and satisfaction.

Dominika approaches her work with great attention to detail and respect for the personal privacy of each client. Overall, Dominika is a qualified and experienced erotic masseuse who offers an individual approach and professional services with regard to the needs of every client.


What part of your body do you consider the most attractive?
Dominika: My butt, definitely. I work hard on it at the gym. 😀
How would you describe your personality, your temperament, in one or two words?
Dominika: Cheerful and empathetic. I always have a smile on my face and try to empathize with each client.
Do you like it when a client takes the initiative, or do you prefer to "drive" the massage session yourself?
Dominika: I usually like to keep it under control. The client enjoys it more when they let me lead. 😀
What should a client do to win you over? (In other words, what should they do to make you like them?)
Dominika: Behavior is key. Be polite and kind.
What extra services do you enjoy?
Dominika: I like the pussycat massage, but that's not an extra service. 😀
Do you prefer conversation during the massage or silence?
Dominika: Definitely conversation, I like to chat.
What has been your experience working as a masseuse?
Dominika: Well, it's been a year now. (Note: Today is 23.04.2024)
What special techniques do you master that differentiate you from other masseuses?
Dominika: My secret recipe? Playfulness! Forget the routine.
Describe your ideal massage?
Dominika: The ideal massage is passionate and fun. The client leaves with a smile and already plans when to come back to me.
How do you keep fit?
Dominika: I exercise three times a week. If I'm not in the gym, I'm at work. 😀
What qualities should a good erotic masseuse have, according to you?
Dominika: Empathy, sex appeal, and playfulness, that's actually me describing myself. 😀
A year without sex or a year without the internet?
Dominika: A year without sex.
A pleasant client or a good tip?
Dominika: A pleasant client. A good tip is nice, but great company is unbeatable.
What gifts from guests do you like or would you like to receive?
Dominika: I love chocolate and everything sweet, or maybe Cartier? 😀
What are your favorite flowers?
Dominika: Roses, of course. A classic that never disappoints.
What kind of lingerie do you like? Maybe thongs or garters, lace, stockings, a certain color?
Dominika: Black lace. Elegant, sexy, and a bit mysterious.
What is your favorite food or cuisine?
Dominika: Asian cuisine, I love everything healthy.
Do you enjoy cooking, and if so, what is your signature dish?
Dominika: I enjoy cooking. My signature dish is tender chicken with rice and vegetables, basic, but made with love.
What is your relationship with alcohol, do you have a favorite drink or cocktail?
Dominika: I occasionally enjoy a strawberry daiquiri.
What quality do you consider the most important in men?
Dominika: I want him to be a gentleman in the truest sense of the word.
Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
Dominika: Yes, I have both. I have a piercing in my navel and several tattoos.
Favorite music?
Dominika: Deep house.

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Dominika erotická masérka
Dominika erotická masérka
Dominika erotická masérka
Lea erotická masérka
Dominika erotická masérka
Dominika erotická masérka
Dominika erotická masérka
Dominika erotická masérka
Dominika erotická masérka
Dominika erotická masérka
Dominika erotická masérka
Dominika erotická masérka
Dominika erotická masérka
Dominika erotická masérka
Dominika erotická masérka
Dominika erotická masérka



Happy to ve seen again Dominika on last wednesday 5 june 2024. She is very nice at BDSM and know how to make you comfortable.

I hope you enjoyed the chocolates from Paris that i offered you.

Thank you.


Response from Rabbit Hall

Thank you so much for your kind words! We’re thrilled to hear that you had a positive experience with Dominika.

Best regards


Na masáže chodím vcelku pravidelně tak jsem žil v domnění že mne zde už nic nepřekvapí. Musim říci, že jsem se naštěstí pletl. Dnešní (3.5. od 12.45 ) masáž pro mě byla nezapomenutelná. Dominika byla usměvavá a velice milá již při uvítání. Sprcha i masáž v jejím podání byl veliký relax plný erotických prvků. Rozhodně doporučuji a určitě jsme u Dominiky nebyl naposledy


What an incredible experience with Dominika! Stunningly beautiful, fit, toned body with a constant smile on her face that makes you feel at ease. If you’re into BDSM, she’s also very creative with a wicked imagination and lovely feet! 😁 Dominika is very communicative women who will tune into your desires. Can’t wait to go back again and again.


Dominika is amazing, sexy body and physique. Professional erotic masseuse. Tender hands and very communicative. I had the best massage. I will Definitely visit again.


Jak hvezdickami ohodnotit Dominiku? Sest z peti moznych. Nebo sedm…?


Za mě nejlepší masérka jakou jsem kdy zažil. Byla naprosto fantastická. Její tělo je dokonalé a ten sladký úsměv. huh! Masáž má dokonale promyšlenou.. je to učiněné umělecké dílo. Těším se na brzké shledání 😉


Dominika je fakt super, je hodně příjemná, komunikativní a taky šikovná masérka a hodně jsem si její masáž užil a moc děkuji za nezapomenutelný zážitek. Myslím, že 5 hvězd je pro ní málo 🙂


Dominika is very sweet cute and beautiful masseuse. She loves to show her pleasure with massages work specially in pussycat. She is funny ,kind and sweet talktive.I don t regret to have choosed her and colleague Alex for two hours.In one word: Perfect !


Už jsem byl na několika masážích, ale masáž u Dominiky byla úplně někde jinde. Jednoznačně zatim nejlepší co jsem zažil a hned jak to půjde se vrátím. Dokonalý zadek, krásná sportovní postava a jeji osobní přístup je smrtelná kombinace. Rozhodně doporučuji. 5/5


Hallo, I am visiting Dominika again and I must say she is amazing. She is so talented and she giving always 100% to massage . After long and hard they she is real relax to my body and mind

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