Milking Table in Prague

Milking Table

Erotic massages are among the favourite activities of many men. No wonder because erotic massages can get you to your knees. In addition, you will relax during them after a day of stress at work. If you need to blow off steam, then erotic massages are the right solution for you. There are several types of these massages to choose from, and it will be up to you which one you choose. One of the relatively new erotic massages is Milking Table. Believe us, you must try exactly this massage. This is a unique massage offered in Prague.

Milking Table or a unique erotic massage in Prague

First, it is good to have an idea of what this unique erotic massage is about. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, you will not find it anywhere else in the capital of the Czech Republic. But now let’s get back to what you can look forward to. At the beginning, a shared shower with a masseuse awaits you. Here you will get the necessary energy, which you then release on a massage couch with an opening that serves for your male genitals.

The masseuse first begins to massage your body with gentle and pleasant touches. You can also look forward to a body to body massage. Body to body is a technique where a masseuse slides over your body with her naked body. Do you feel the energy that a masseuse provides you with an erotic massage? Believe us, this is just the beginning. The second phase is moved under the massage couch. Here the masseuse will play with your male genitals. If you feel the approaching climax, but you haven’t really enjoyed the massage yet, don’t despair. The number of climaxes is unlimited.

Reach for two masseuses at the same time!

Do you want to fully enjoy this type of erotic massage? We recommend that you reach for two masseuses. You don’t have to wait for the masseuse to move under the massage couch. One masseuse is dedicated to your body, while the other masseuse is already under the massage couch. Masseuses can take turns during erotic massage. It will depend on you. This is truly a unique and extraordinary massage that you will not find anywhere else in Prague. Come and see for yourself. 

Is an erotic massage of this type not enough for you? You can treat yourself to a prostate massage at an additional cost. Let yourself be pampered by a masseuse or masseuses.

The course of the massage

75 bpm

Relaxing warm shower together with masseuse before and after massage.

100 bpm

Erotic massage using warm oil on a massage couch with a special hole for male genitals. The masseuse is naked throughout the massage. It is about massaging the whole body with the hands and the body to body technique. Touching a masseuse is allowed.

130 bpm

After a while, the masseuse moves to the intimate parts under the massage couch, where she will massage you to the very climax. There is no limit to the number of climaxes.

80 bpm

Final shared shower, after which you can enjoy one of ourcorporate drinks (coffee, tea, alcohol or special Rabbit drink) for free with a masseuse.


1 Masseuse 2 Masseuses
60 min 2 200 CZK
97 €
4 000 CZK
174 €
90 min 3 200 CZK
139 €
5 900 CZK
257 €
120 min 4 200 CZK
183 €
7 900 CZK
343 €
You can add additional services.

French kissing, FootJob (fetish), Prostate massage, Autoerotics, Lava stones, Piss, Private dance.

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