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Body to body massage

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Erotic massage of the whole body with warm oil, during which the masseuse slowly slides her own body over your body, where she also engages her intimate parts.

Body to body massage

About body to body massage:

Do you have experience with both classic and erotic massage? But you’re still wondering what else you could try for maximum satisfaction? Then you will certainly appreciate other types of erotic massages that will take you one step further. Classic and erotic massage will surely satisfy you in its own way, but the moment you try far more exciting types of massages, you will find that there are a number of satisfying techniques. Does the term Body-To-Body mean anything to you? No? In other words, it’s a body-to-body massage. An erotic full-body massage with warm oil, during which the masseuse slowly slides own body over your body and also engages her intimate parts.

Massage body-to-body like no other!

It’s important to tell you how such a massage takes place. Don’t expect to start the process when you order a masseuse. You must do this step by step. After ordering this type of massage, a shared shower with a masseuse comes first. Even here you can get relax. There is nothing nicer than taking a shower with an attractive young lady. Only then you start the next stages, until you gradually get to the body-to-body massage. Now you go to the bed with the masseuse, where you lie down according to your ideas. You must feel as comfortable as possible.

At this stage, you move on to something you look forward to the most. This phase is the above body-to-body method. The masseuse massages you with her own body with the help of warm natural oils. They will help the bodies rub against each other so that you can enjoy the erotic massage until the very end. The masseuse is, of course, naked, which you may have known from the use of oils. You can touch the masseuse.

We move on to the other parts of erotic massage

After completing the erotic body-to-body massage, the masseuse throws herself on your intimate parts. In this part of the massage, the masseuse no longer massages you only with her body, but also with her hands. She focuses on both the penis and testicles. She massages you until the climax. If you have some time left, the masseuse continues the massage because the number of climaxes is not limited in any way.

The course of the massage:

1. Relaxing warm shower together with masseuse before and after massage.
2. Erotic massage of the whole body with warm oil, during which the masseuse slowly slides her own body over your body, where she also engages her intimate parts.
3. Touching a masseuse is allowed.
4. Last part of the massage, when the masseuse moves to the intimate parts, which include the penis and testicles(position 69 on request). The masseuse will massage you to the very climax. There is no limit to the number of climaxes.
5. Final shared shower, after which you can enjoy one of our corporate drinks (coffee, tea, alcohol or special Rabbit drink) for free with a masseuse.

Prices & durations:

30 min 1600 Kč 70 €
60 min 2100 Kč 91 €
90 min 2800 Kč 122 €
120 min 3800 Kč 165 €
30 min 2500 Kč 109 €
60 min 3600 Kč 157 €
90 min 4900 Kč 213 €
120 min 6300 Kč 274 €
You can add additional services.

French kissing, FootJob (fetish), Prostate massage, Autoerotics, Lava stones, Piss, Private dance. Complete offer of extra services >

two sexy girls rabbit

Do you dream of two women at the same time? Erotic body-to-body massage is also available in a variant with two masseuses!

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