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Massage is the oldest form of therapy. In total, more than one hundred types of massages based on different cultural bases are described, while the individual types of massages can also merge with each other.

From this diverse range, the Rabbit Hall salon has chosen erotic massage as the main and so far the only scope of services provided.

What is an erotic massage, what this massage involves and, on the contrary, fundamentally excludes, it’s perhaps similar to tantric massages, what can I expect and what should I prepare for? – There may be questions that are currently running through your head. Let’s answer these questions gradually.

Erotic massage is essentially based on the concept of classic massage. It focuses on the whole body, muscle relaxation and overall regeneration, but unlike classical massage, it emphasizes the induction of excitement and stimulation of the senses. A substantial part of the total length of the massage is devoted to the massage of intimate parts and therefore there is also a multiple manual climax during or at the end of the massage.

Erotic massages can also be used as a kind of sexual therapy and can serve as a means to stimulate libido or to increase a person’s ability to respond positively to sensory stimulation.

Unlike tantric massage, which places spirituality between the masseuse and the person being massaged, preserves clearly defined principles and takes various aids to help, classical erotic massage is free from these things and focuses more on the physical side.

With a classic massage, it’s customary to set aside enough time for a person to be able to relax enough to „soak up“ an atmosphere of calm and comfort. Given the nature of erotic massage, such relaxation occurs at the beginning, as each of them begins with a hot shower or bath in the presence of a masseuse. This custom logically eliminates the initial „tension“ and harmonization with the premises or the masseuse herself. Relaxation occurs almost immediately, so this massage is suitable, for example, in half-hour breaks.

However, if you are heading to us for the first time, we recommend choosing at least an hour-long massage to fulfil the essence of erotic massage in any case. Those experienced then often choose a two-hour or longer massage for even greater pleasure, or they do not hesitate to call another masseuse, so they can enjoy a four-handed massage.

See you at the massage.
Rabbit Hall – erotic massage

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