First visit to erotic massage

Before erotic massage

Before starting the massage, before you order, it’s good to think about your preferred time of massage. It’s then possible to order a massage itself via the quick order form, where you can choose a massage and a masseuse, by phone at the salon’s telephone number +420 774 910 918, in the form of an SMS or with our operator in an online chat.

When booking a massage, you need to choose the type of massage, the length and your masseuse / masseuses. If you are unsure of the procedure in this section, don’t hesitate to contact us through the above methods, and we will then immediately and gladly recommend an option that will be as close as possible or directly fulfil your ideas and wishes. To facilitate the selection, we recommend looking into the profiles of masseuses in the called our masseuses, and the page called our services will certainly help you to choose the type and length of massage.

It’s advisable to order an erotic massage at least 30 minutes before the massage itself, so that we can fully meet your requirements.

Rabbit Hall

The course of erotic massage

Due to the protection of privacy and discretion of our clients, the Rabbit Hall salon is not visibly marked from the outside. Therefore, when you arrive at the place, ring the bell  or please call us on our contact phone number +420 774 910 918, and we will open the door for you. After entering the salon, you will be welcomed by our receptionist, who will offer you coffee, tea or something stronger. Then you will be able to choose a masseuse if you have not already chosen in advance. There are usually around 10-16 masseuses to choose from. Then your chosen masseuse /masseuses will take you to the massage room, from where there is no need to go anywhere. Here you will find disposable hygiene aids (slippers, towel, bathrobe …).

You will then leave excess uppers in the room, followed by a shower with a masseuse (optional). After warming up and relaxing, the erotic massage itself begins. We massage on special massage futons. Futon is a Japanese mattress with a size of 1.6 x 2 meters; we chose a variant with cotton and wool, so such a futon is comfortable enough, with ideal hardness and properly maintains body temperature. The room is lit only by candlelight, during the massage there is relaxing music adapted to these needs and the masseuse uses a set of perfumed oils specially heated for a particularly relaxing feeling. If you prefer oil without an admixture, we have enough for your needs; just notify the masseuse in advance. Erotic massage is a full-body massage with an emphasis on intimate parts, more information on this part can be found in the “about us” tab.

Rabbit Hall
Rabbit Hall

The end of erotic massage

Just before the end of the massage, you will be notified of the approaching end, and at this point it’s good to take a shower again, again with a masseuse or separately (on request) to wash off the massage oil. Then you have enough time and space to get dressed, pay and the masseuse will also accompany you to the salon door.

In no case will we end the massage earlier than planned. On the contrary, in the best case, reserve a 15-minute reserve so that everything takes place smoothly and without stress, which certainly does not belong to this place. We plan sufficient time intervals between massages, so it can’t happen that you meet someone literally „at the door“.

If you liked our erotic massage and want to share your feelings or add any comment, complaint or remark, don’t hesitate to contact us at

See you at the massage.
Rabbit Hall – erotic massage

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