Description and price, the duration of erotic massage programs.
A diverse range of relaxation programs for men and women in Prague.

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Rules of erotic massage

Erotic massage is not associated with providing sexual services. Oral and classical sexual intercourse are not part of the massage process and cannot be included under any circumstances, not even for an additional fee.

Extra services

Not all of our masseuses provide extras (e.g.: french kissing, prostate massage),
about the extras please be informed by our masseuses personally!

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About erotic massage

Embark on the most beautiful, relaxing, and sensual massage that exists. We perform erotic massage across the entire body with plenty of stroking, cuddling, scratching, and especially body-to-body massage. All techniques of this massage are relaxing, intertwined with erotic elements. There are plenty of pleasant touches in just the right places, culminating in a manual climax. It is possible to combine erotic and sports massage at the same time. Everything is set to the tones of pleasant music, exciting scents, candles, and sexy lingerie or a nude masseuse.

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