Lingam massage in Prague

Lingam massage

Erotic massage can be considered a kind of relaxation. If you are not in a good mood all day or you have had a bad day at work, there is no more pleasant rest than going for a quality erotic massage. One of the erotic massages is a lingam massage or penis massage. With this type of massage, the masseuse, which you can first choose according to your sympathies, focuses only on intimate parts. Therefore, it’s not an erotic massage combined with a classic one, where the masseuse massages you all over your body. The masseuse really focuses purely on penis massage. What do you get in this massage besides the penis massage process itself? Follow us.

Lingam massage or penis massage

After selecting the masseuse, you will go to the shared shower. Even a shared shower can be considered as a large dose of relaxation. Imagine a stream of water falling on both you and the masseuse. From this pleasant excitement, you will then move on to the next phase, when the masseuse will take care of your penis, including the testicles. The masseuse will also use warm natural oil for this type of massage that will warm you pleasantly and you will forget about all your problems and worries. The masseuse is naked throughout the massage, which adds a different level to the whole massage. Therefore, you can view the beautiful body of your chosen masseuse throughout the process.

Among other things, you can touch the masseuse. However, you can only touch her, not bother her unpleasantly. In this case, the massage can be terminated. The masseuse massages you until the very climax. As with other types of erotic massage, the number of climaxes is unlimited. You don’t have to worry about the massage ending sooner. It will depend on you how pleasant this experience will be for you.

Final shared shower

At the end, you can also look forward to the final shared shower, in which you can still feel the touches of a masseuse. Then you will definitely want to come back and repeat the whole massage again.

The course of the massage

75 bpm

Relaxing warm shower together with masseuse before and after massage.

140 bpm

Erotic massage using warm oil, which is focused on your intimate parts from the beginning. The masseuse is naked throughout the massage. Touching a masseuse is allowed. There is no limit to the number of climaxes(position 69 on request).

80 bpm

Final shared shower, after which you can enjoy one of ourcorporate drinks (coffee, tea, alcohol or special Rabbit drink) for free with a masseuse.


1 Masseuse 2 Masseuses
30 min 1 600 CZK
70 ‚ā¨
60 min 2 200 CZK
97 ‚ā¨
90 min 3 200 CZK
139 ‚ā¨
120 min 4 200 CZK
183 ‚ā¨
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French kissing, FootJob (fetish), Prostate massage, Autoerotics, Lava stones, Piss, Private dance.

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