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French kissing

Are you considering how to enhance the intensity of your erotic massage? French kissing, offered as part of our additional services, is the ideal way to deepen mutual bonds and intensify sensory experiences. This unique combination not only provides an amazing relaxation experience but also allows you to explore new levels of intimacy with your masseuse.

Why incorporate French kissing into your erotic massage?

Deepening emotional connection: French kissing is much more than just a physical act; it’s a way to express deep emotions while simultaneously strengthening the emotional bond between you and the masseuse.
Increasing sensory stimulation: Kissing stimulates various senses, enhancing the effect of the massage and increasing the overall experience.
Improving relaxation and well-being: Kisses and gentle touches during the massage can release endorphins, the natural hormones of happiness, leading to deeper relaxation and satisfaction.

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Time included in the massage 1 000 CZK 43 €
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French kissing, FootJob (fetish), Prostate massage, Autoerotics, Lava stones, Piss, Private dance.

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Foot job is a sexual practice using the feet. Sexy legs of beautiful masseuses rubbing against intimate parts are used to achieve an extraordinary orgasm.

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