Prostate massage / masáž prostaty

Prostate massage

Prostate is one of the most important glands in the male body. Located just above the dam (the place between testicles and anus), at the interface of the rectum and bladder. Prostate is often called as a male G spot. During intense prostate massage orgasm can be achieved (even without stimulation of the penis). Prostate massage has beneficial effects on the overall function of the sexual organs.

Prostate massage process:

It is performed before the massage of your choice. Lubricated soft latex glove is used (for hygienic reasons). This additional service cannot be used for hygienic reasons during Nuru massage.

History of prostate massage:

Prostate massage is popular in Western countries, but lately, it is starting to reach European countries as well.


Time included in the massage 500 CZK 21 €
You can add additional services.

French kissing, FootJob (fetish), Prostate massage, Autoerotics, Lava stones, Piss, Private dance.

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Foot job is a sexual practice using the feet. Sexy legs of beautiful masseuses rubbing against intimate parts are used to achieve an extraordinary orgasm.

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