Lesbi show massage in Prague

Lesbi-show massage

Can you imagine a massage during which four hands will touch you? If not, then we will introduce you to one of them. You will then acknowledge that you will not regret it. On the contrary, you will be happy to return or repeat the massage directly. The lesbian massage show will offer you exactly what every man desires. You will relax and get excited at the same time. Let’s take a closer look at this massage.

Lesbian massage show or touch of four hands

In addition to the massage, you will receive a bottle of champagne included in the price. This type of erotic massage is performed with two masseuses who not only massage you, but also play together. So, you can watch a lesbian show that also gets you on your knees. The massage is started with a shared shower, straight with both masseuses. Are you already looking forward? Great, you have a reason! In addition, when both masseuses will massage you simultaneously, your desires will suddenly rise by several tens of percents. You can choose masseuses at your discretion. Do you prefer new masseuses or those with experience? The shared shower is before and after the massage, so you definitely have something to look forward to. Even the shower itself will excite you in the right direction. Subsequently, the masseuses will proceed to an erotic massage. As already mentioned, masseuses do not perform the massage one by one, but directly both at the same time. So, you will feel four hands on your body. Are you ready for such a rush of women’s touches? If not, you have nothing to fear. The number of climaxes is unlimited. Last but not least, you can look forward to watching the erotic games of both masseuses.

Enjoy an erotic lesbian massage show to the end!

Enjoy this type of massage until the very end. Trust us, you will relax and forget all the worries you have. The advantage is the fact that you can choose both masseuses according to your priorities. Men often focus on several criteria, from age, through appearance to behaviour. It will of course depend on you what priorities you prefer.

The course of the massage

75 bpm

Introductory shared shower with both masseuses before and after massage.

95 bpm

Full body erotic massage using warm oil performed simultaneously by both masseuses. Watching the erotic games of both masseuses. Touching a masseuses is allowed.

130 bpm

Last part of the massage, when the masseuses move to your intimate parts. Masseuses will massage you to the very climax(position 69 on request). There is no limit to the number of climaxes.

80 bpm

Final shared shower, after which you can enjoy one of ourcorporate drinks (coffee, tea, alcohol or special Rabbit drink) for free with a masseuse.


1 Masseuse 2 Masseuses
60 min 3 900 CZK
163 €
90 min 5 400 CZK
226 €
120 min 6 900 CZK
288 €
You can add additional services.

French kissing, FootJob (fetish), Prostate massage, Autoerotics, Lava stones, Piss, Private dance.

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