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Out call (escort) massage

escort massage in Prague

About outcall (escort) massage:

Would you like to try an erotic massage, but you don’t have a car and don’t want to travel by public transport? You don’t have to despair because you too will be able to enjoy a relaxing erotic massage with a masseuse. Wondering how this is possible? Then the trick is that the masseuse arrives directly at your home or at the hotel. It will depend on you. Escort services are relatively very popular today, so you have nothing to be ashamed of.

Massage at home or in the hotel

If you stay more comfortable at home, you can order a masseuse through escort services. The price is final and therefore includes a taxi in Prague. You don’t have to worry about any hidden fees. You know in advance how much the relaxation services will cost you. This type of erotic massage is a mix of several types of massages, so you will definitely have something to look forward to. In most cases, the masseuse is with the client within 20 minutes of ordering, in normal clothes that do not arouse the curiosity of the neighbours.

The masseuse can be chosen according to your priorities. After all, everyone prefers different requirements, which is completely logical. Then you just wait for the masseuse to arrive, as mentioned in the paragraphs above. As soon as the masseuse arrives, she will explain to you how the services will take place. It’s necessary to think about the fact that erotic massage always starts with a shared shower, during which you can touch the masseuse. After a shared shower, you move to the bed, where the masseuse will massage you body-to-body. After a certain time, the masseuse goes to the best part of erotic massage.

We move on to intimate parts

After the Body-To-Body massage, the masseuse moves on to your intimate parts. These include not only the penis itself, but also the testicles. The massage continues to the very end. In other words, to the climax, the number of which is unlimited. If you do not feel comfortable in another environment, this massage is made just for you. So, why not try the escort service at least once? You will see that it will definitely be worth it.

The course of the massage:

1. The masseuse will arrive at your room, where you can enjoy a shared shower at the beginning.
2. Full-body erotic body-to-body massage using warm massage oil. The masseuse is naked during the whole massage. It’s a massage of the whole body with the hands.
3. Touching a masseuse is allowed.
4. Last part of the massage, when the masseuse moves to the intimate parts, which include the penis and testicles(position 69 on request). The masseuse will massage you to the very climax. There is no limit to the number of climaxes.
5. Final shared shower.

Prices & durations:

60 min 2400Kč 100€ 120$
90 min 3400Kč 142€ 170$
120 min 4400Kč 184€ 220$
180 min 5900Kč 246€ 295$

*Taxi is included in the price.

You can add additional services.

French kissing, FootJob (fetish), Prostate massage, Autoerotics, Lava stones, Piss, Private dance. Complete offer of extra services >

two sexy girls rabbit

By choosing two masseuses for an additional fee, you will get a more intense experience, which will be enhanced by the anonymity of your room.

Do you not like this massage? What about:

Masseuses for out-call massage:

Violette erotická masérka v Praze
Violette erotická masérka v Praze


Height: 168
Weight: 57
Breasts: 3
Age: 23
Ella erotická masérka v Praze
Ella erotická masérka v Praze


Height: 173
Weight: 54
Breasts: 4
Age: 26
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