Rozkrýváme 7 mýtů o erotické masáži

Debunking 7 myths about erotic massage

Erotic massage combines sensuality, eroticism, and relaxation. Despite its long history and widespread popularity, many prejudices and myths still surround this “entertainment.” In this article, Rabbit has decided to dispel the most common myths about erotic massage and clarify the facts.

1. Erotic massage parlors offer intimate services

This is probably the most widespread myth. In reality, if a parlor were to offer intimate services, it would soon be exposed, causing criminal legal problems for the business owner. Who would want that? The correct answer is—no one. Therefore, salon owners who value their reputation operate in accordance with the law and do not provide intimate services.

2. Erotic massage is dangerous

Erotic massage is not only very enjoyable but also completely safe. Since the massage does not include intimate services, you do not have to worry about your health. Moreover, we pay very close attention to cleanliness in our premises. Disposable hygiene products are provided to each client.

Advice from Rabbit

If you do not want to tell us your real name – it is not necessary. To get to us for a sensual erotic massage, just give us your phone number and make up a name.

3. Our masseuses lack knowledge

This is definitely not true. All our masseuses undergo training, during which they learn classic massage techniques as well as the secrets of ancient erotic art. During training and practical lessons, our masseuses learn to find special points and erogenous zones on the bodies of men and women.

Furthermore, our masseuses learn communication and interaction with clients, enabling them to create a relaxed—erotic atmosphere. They learn to perceive and adapt to the needs and wishes of clients, thereby creating an individual and unique experience.

4. Erotic massage is just for men

Another common misconception. Ladies also want to relax and enjoy themselves. Many of our clients are representatives of the fairer sex. We offer them various services for both soul and body, from relaxing erotic massages for women to sensual relaxation of yoni.

5. You never know which masseuse you will get

This may happen in other parlors, but not in ours. Each masseuse here has her own profile, where you can find photos, videos, and interviews, so you know exactly who you are going to.

All photos are genuine and truly depict our masseuses.

Advice from Rabbit

We also have male masseurs. So if you want to experience an erotic massage from an attractive man, do not hesitate.

6. Erotic massage is expensive

Saying that erotic massage is always an expensive affair is not entirely accurate. The price can vary depending on many factors. The price of an erotic massage mainly depends on the level of the parlors, the experience of the masseuse, the type of program, and many other aspects.

Advice from Rabbit

In our offer, you will find both cheap erotic massages and “bolder” massages that include the most sensual extra services. The choice is always yours.

When choosing a parlor for an erotic massage, it is important to consider not only the price of the massage but also the quality of execution. In our parlor, real professionals work who can combine various massage techniques and, in addition, the luxurious environment of our salons creates an atmosphere of sensual pleasure: subdued light, pleasant fragrances, exciting music, delicious drinks, and slender beauties.

7. The price of an erotic massage depends on the beauty of the masseuse

This is also a common misconception. If that were true, all our massages would cost the same, because all our masseuses are beautiful and slender. The price of an erotic massage depends on several factors:

  • Duration of the session—the longer, the more expensive.
  • Number of masseuses—you can choose an erotic experience with one or two masseuses.
  • Type of massage—some massages include additional services, and therefore are more expensive.

We hope we have debunked all the myths about erotic massage that you had in your mind. And if not—then visit Rabbit’s den and try it for yourself.

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