We bring you a series of interviews with our beautiful masseuses. In the interview, we will ask them various questions, introducing them to you in more detail.

The first in line is a talented dancer, and especially a professional masseuse Klárka:

– Please tell me something about yourself, how old are you? Height Weight?
I am young, beautiful, smart, charismatic and a little cocky ?
I am 23 years old; my height is 160 cm and my weight is 48, I have lost weight ?, there is misleading information on the profile.

– What size shoes and clothes do you have?
I have the size of shoes 37 – 38, depending on the type of shoes, and I wear the size of clothes S

– What part of your look do you think is the most attractive?
Eyes, hair and butt, but everyone has to judge for themselves ?

– How would you describe your character, temperament in one or two words?
Nice cheeky, slightly temperamental

– Please tell us about your preferences during the massage, for example what do you like and what you strictly don’t?
I don’t like it when the client is too intrusive. On the contrary, I appreciate when the client is kind and communicative ?

– Do you like it when the client shows initiative or do you prefer to “manage” it yourself?
It depends on how we fit together with the client.

– What type of clients do you like?
Smiling, kind and above all with a good mood.

– What places on your body excite you when they touch them?
Neck, back and butt ?

– Are you a communicative type? Do you like silence during a massage or do you like to talk?
I am rather communicative and I like to talk when we have something to say with the client, but when I see that the client prefers silence, I fully respect that.

– How about extra services? What would you recommend to me in your performance?
If the client would like to try something new, I recommend a prostate massage.

– How do you respond to unusual guest requests if they are not against the rules and are safe?
It depends on mutual sympathy.

– I will give you a few more questions, choose one option that is closer to you:
1. An hour or more?
More, let it be fun.
2. A pleasant guest or a good tip?
A pleasant guest with a good tip ?
3. 7 short hourly massages per day or three two-hour massages?
7 short
4. A year without sex or a year without the internet?
A year without internet

– Do you like to dance? Do you go to clubs?
Yes, I dance professionally. I go, but it mainly depends on the music and company.

– Do you like heels? Do you wear them?
I like them, but I wear them occasionally, because I run quite badly in them when I need to catch a tram ?

– What gifts do you like receiving or would you like to receive from guests?
I like surprises, but food or a little surprise never offends ?

– Do you like flowers? And possibly what kind?
I love flowers, lilies, orchids and sunflowers.

– What underwear do you like? For example, G-strings or garters, laces, tights, a certain colour?
I will be a little mysterious about this question. I prefer lace, red and black.

– If someone invites you on a first date, what is the ideal place?
I like it when a man is original and surprises me with something ? Mainly so that it is not boring.

– Favourite food or cuisine?
Thai or generally Asian ?

– Are you cooking? What do you like to cook?
Yes, I cook. I prefer Italian cuisine.

– What is your relationship to alcohol? Do you have a favourite cocktail?
I don’t drink every day, but sometimes I have a glass of something good. I like sweet wine or gin-tonic.

– What about exercise? Do you exercise? If so, do you do any sports or have you done something before?
I dance daily, I wouldn’t be able to do more exercises anymore.

– Do you drive? What driving style do you prefer?
I drive, I prefer to drive faster ?

– Do you have any place you like to go back to? Or any destination you would like to see?
I really love to go back to Barcelona, it’s my second home. I would like to see Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

– Do you have a favourite movie or series?
La Casa de Papel (Editor’s note: Money Heist is a Spanish crime drama series.)

– What is the most important feature in men?
To be a man.

– Account number and pin?
Write yours, I will copy it ?

You can find more information about what massages Klára offers and which days she works on her profile.

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