Interview with Sofie

We bring you a series of interviews with our beautiful masseuses. In the interview, we will ask them various questions, introducing them to you in more detail.

In the next interview, I have Sofia, who does not wear lingerie and loves roses.

– Please tell me something about yourself, how old are you? Height Weight?
I am young, beautiful, smart, charismatic and a little cocky ?
I’m a young, tall and maybe a pretty girl from Siberia 🙂 I’m 25 years old and I weigh about 55 kg.

– What size shoes and clothes do you have?
Shoe size 38 and clothing size S/M.

– What part of your look do you think is the most attractive?
Eyes, I have green eyes, changing colour according to the mood. When I’m not in the mood, I have them blue, but don’t worry, you won’t find out – we have red everywhere 😀

– How would you describe your character, temperament in one or two words?
I’m open and honest. I like to dream and I always go for my goal. I have a hot-tempered temperament 🙂

– Please tell us about your preferences during the massage, for example what do you like and what you strictly don’t?
I like a very intimate and relaxing massage, I have my know-how, according to which I go. I’m not afraid to say that a massage from my hands is a unique experience 🙂 I like it best when the client enjoys it with me.

– Do you like it when the client shows initiative or do you prefer to “manage” it yourself?
Like I said, I have my rhythm that I go, but I also let myself be “driven” to enjoy it together 🙂

– What type of clients do you like?
Probably depends on the chemistry, I don’t have a specific type.

– What places on your body excite you when they touch them?
Hips and toes, I’m dying of it ? + definitely neck 🙂

– Are you a communicative type? Do you like silence during a massage or do you like to talk?

Both, if the client likes to talk, I’m happy and I can keep the topic. However, if he came for complete relaxation in silence, then I’m not against it and I respect it 🙂

– How about extra services? What would you recommend to me in your performance?

Footjob and maybe even the prostate, but I only do it with my big toe 🙂

– How do you respond to unusual guest requests if they are not against the rules and are safe?
I’m always for diversity, so I’m happy when they tell me what they like 🙂

– I will give you a few more questions, choose one option that is closer to you:
1. An hour or more?
An hour
2. A pleasant guest or a good tip?
A pleasant guest
3. 7 short hourly massages per day or three two-hour massages?
7 short
4. A year without sex or a year without the internet?
A year without internet

– Do you like to dance? Do you go to clubs?
Yes, both 🙂 I don’t go to clubs often, but if I do, I can rock there so much that I’m ashamed of myself the next day. By the way, I even danced competitively before.

– Do you like heels? Do you wear them?
Yes, I like them, but I don’t wear them very often – Prague doesn’t allow me to do that.

– What gifts do you like receiving or would you like to receive from guests?
I don’t care, every little thing makes me happy 🙂

– Do you like flowers? And possibly what kind?
Of course, I like them, like almost everyone. I prefer roses and lilies.

– What underwear do you like? For example, G-strings or garters, laces, tights, a certain colour?
I don’t like underwear, so I don’t even wear it 😀

– If someone invites you on a first date, what is the ideal place?
The ideal place is where we will both enjoy it and experience something unforgettable.

– Favourite food or cuisine?
Italian pasta 🙂

– Are you cooking? What do you like to cook?
Yes, I feel like I’m the ideal cook, maybe my next job 😀

– What is your relationship to alcohol? Do you have a favourite cocktail?
Yes, I like it, but within limits. My favourite is ASTI

– What about exercise? Do you exercise? If so, do you do any sports or have you done something before?
I practice if I have time for that.

– Do you drive? What driving style do you prefer?
I have a driver’s license, but not a car.

– Do you have any place you like to go back to? Or any destination you would like to see?
My biggest dream is to visit Brazil. I prefer to go home to my relatives.

– Do you have a favourite movie or series?
Sex and the City – it’s more of a girly TV show, so don’t even watch it 😀

– What is the most important feature in men?
Brain and sense of humour.

You can find more information about what massages Sofie offers and which days she works on her profile.

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