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How to choose the right erotic massage parlor
– Tips & Advice

Choosing the right erotic massage parlor is crucial for ensuring a quality experience. Given the growing popularity of erotic massages, it’s important to know how to distinguish a professional parlor from less reliable ones. This article provides useful tips and advice on how to select the best erotic massage parlor and what to watch out for to enjoy an intimate experience without worries.

Where to Start?

The first step in finding an erotic massage parlor is, of course, the internet. If you don’t already have a favorite parlor, most of us start by Googling “erotic massages in Prague”. Be prepared for a huge selection, as Prague is famous for its massage parlors and attracts visitors from all over Europe.

Avoid google reviews

When browsing search results, avoid relying on Google reviews. Many parlors write these reviews themselves or even buy them. Identifying authentic reviews from fake or self-written ones can be challenging, but there are a few signs to help you spot fake reviews:

  • Overly positive and general comments: If reviews are too perfect, use excessively positive language, and lack specific details about the experience.
  • Similar writing style: When many reviews have the same writing style or similar phrases, they were likely written by the same person or group. Genuine reviews are diverse because each customer has a different way of expressing themselves.
  • Frequency of reviews: A large number of reviews in a short period can be suspicious. Authentic reviews usually come gradually and steadily.
  • Reviewer profiles: Check the profiles of people who wrote the reviews. Real reviewers often have a history of writing reviews for various services and places.
  • Negative reviews: Even the best parlors occasionally get negative reviews. If all reviews are only positive and none mention any drawbacks, it can be suspicious.

Be wary of fake photos

Often, massage parlors use fake photos and descriptions of masseuses to attract more customers. It’s important to avoid these practices and choose a parlor that offers authentic and truthful information. Here are some tips to identify genuine photos of masseuses:

  • Image search tools: Use tools like Google Reverse Image Search or TinEye to search online. These tools can show you if the photo is used on multiple websites or if it’s from a stock photo library.

Google Reverse Image Search

  • Consistency and quality of photos: Real photos of masseuses will have consistent quality and style. If the photos look like they come from different sources or have varying quality, it might be a sign they are not authentic.
  • Details in photos: Pay attention to details in the photos, like the background, lighting, and environment. Genuine photos often show masseuses in the salon environment. For example, at Rabbit Hall, we have a studio where we take photos of our masseuses.

Rabbit Hall studio

  • Masseuse profile pages: Reputable parlors often have detailed profile pages for each masseuse, including not just photos but also information about the services they offer. If the information is too general or incomplete, it might be suspicious.

Same price

Prices listed on the parlor’s website and the actual prices on-site can differ, a practice used by bad parlors. They might excuse it as outdated website information or other reasons. To avoid unpleasant surprises, always confirm the final price in advance.

When booking a service, ask for a price confirmation and save a copy of this communication. If there are discrepancies on-site, you can refer to this communication. A transparent and reputable parlor should always provide clear and up-to-date information about the prices of their services.

Cleanliness and hygiene

Cleanliness and hygiene are crucial factors that should play a decisive role in choosing an erotic massage parlor. Unfortunately, this aspect is difficult to verify in advance. A good practice is to look at photos or virtual tour of the parlor if available. These visual previews can give you some idea of the level of maintenance and care of the environment. The real state of cleanliness, however, can only be determined upon visiting the parlor. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to first impressions upon arrival – whether the premises are clean, tidy, and well-maintained. If you have doubts about cleanliness, don’t hesitate to leave the parlor. Poor-quality parlors that cannot maintain a clean environment are not worth your money. Your health and comfort should always come first.

Modern website UX/UI friendly

The massage parlor’s website should be modern, clear, and user-friendly (UX/UI friendly). A quality parlor invests in professional presentation, which is reflected in their website. It should provide easy navigation, clear and detailed information about services, masseuses, and prices. A good website should include quality photos, a virtual tour of the parlor, and a simple booking system. A modern and well-designed website often indicates that the parlor cares about its reputation and customer comfort, which increases the likelihood that their services will be of high quality.

Opening hours

A parlor should not operate non-stop 24/7. We understand that some people might get cravings even at night, but in practice, these are mostly people under the influence of alcohol. Masseuses who work 24/7 or have long shifts often cannot maintain high-quality services due to fatigue and stress. Professional parlors ensure their staff gets enough rest and works reasonable hours, which is reflected in the quality of the massages provided. If a parlor offers round-the-clock service, it can be a warning sign that they focus more on quantity than quality. It’s better to choose a parlor that has set opening hours and cares about good working conditions for its employees.

Customer support

Quality customer support is another important factor when choosing an erotic massage parlor. It should be quick, polite, and professional. Avoid parlors whose communication is full of excessive emojis and sweet phrases – this can indicate a lack of seriousness. Instead, look for parlors that provide clear and understandable information in good Czech. Good customer support should be able to quickly and efficiently answer your questions, provide necessary information about the services offered, and assist with booking appointments. A professional approach to communication is a sign of a serious parlor that cares about customer satisfaction.

Masseuse Schedule

A good massage parlor should always have an up-to-date schedule with precise times when individual masseuses are available. This schedule should be easily accessible on the parlor’s website or through customer support. An up-to-date and clear schedule helps prevent misunderstandings and ensures you avoid situations where you arrive for a massage and your chosen masseuse is not available. It also ensures that the masseuses do not have overly long shifts, contributing to their well-being and ability to provide quality services. A professional parlor takes care of its employees by planning shifts to be balanced.

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