New branch in Prague 2

Dear clients,

we are pleased to announce that our second branch in Prague has finally opened. Let your body caress and fully enjoy the delights. Visit the new branch of the salon specializing in erotic massages, where the highest level of service awaits you, as well as top masseuses who will make sure that you feel as comfortable as possible.

Luxurious spaces and a pleasant atmosphere

Nothing like when you can feel as comfortable as possible during a massage. Only in this way can you completely relax and fully enjoy the touches of an experienced masseuse. And that’s why we have prepared for you absolutely luxurious and stylish spaces near our original salon, which is within 5 minutes walking distance. You will feel at home with us.

Rabbit Hall
Rabbit Hall

Spacious and cosy massage rooms with the necessary comfort

In our salon, four spacious and cosy massage rooms await you, in which you will have absolute comfort and the desired peace before, during and after the massage. Each massage room has a shower, and you will also have personal cosmetics at your disposal. This ensures maximum peace and privacy.

Rabbit Hall
Rabbit Hall

A pleasant ending after a massage

After choosing from a wide range of erotic massages and enjoying this time, you don’t have to leave immediately. It doesn’t end with an erotic massage in our salon. After completing it, you can still enjoy the time spent in the relaxation room, where snacks are also available. Thanks to this, you can still enjoy the reverberations of the massage, so you don’t have to immediately throw yourself into the daily hustle and bustle.

Rabbit Hall
Rabbit Hall

Easily accessible location with parking

Our salon is located at 45 Vinohradská Street, Prague 2, near the tram stop Vinohradská tržnice or the metro station Jiřího z Poděbrad. If you come to us by car on your own axis, then there is also a parking space available for you directly at the salon in the paid parking zone. The second branch is nearby, at 72 Mánesova Street, Prague 2.

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