Free taxi

Dear guests!
We are so eager to see you in our salon that we decided to speed up this event and to make it for you as comfortable as possible!

Enjoy our free taxi services in Prague – NON STOP!
We will pick you up at home and bring you to us for FREE!
*We need your address and phone number (WhatsApp).

Free pick-up is available:

From 9:00 until 00:00 for 1 or more persons.
From 00:00 until 9:00 for 3 or more persons.

Of course, you can use own taxi (for example Uber, Bolt) and show us a check or receipt of payment upon arrival. We will strike off this amount from the price of our services (therefore, it should not exceed 200 CZK).

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You can also order a taxi through our ONLINE CHAT with a customer assistant.
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